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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cooking With Herbs: Tarragon

Tarragon deriving from the French estragon and the Latin dracunculus, "little dragon" is one important culinary herb.  

It has a fiery tang and serpent-like roots.  "Dragon" herbs were believed to cure the bites of venomous creatures, but is main use these days are culinary.

According to a thirteenth-century Arabian botanist Tarragon will sweeten the breath, act as a soporific, and, if chewed helps dull the taste of medication.

There are two varieties of Tarragon.  You have the French with a more refined taste, a main ingredient in French cuisine and needs protection from the winter; and the Russian with a coarser taste which survives in both hot and colder climates.

Culinary uses:

Tarragon is one of the important fine herbs that is commonly used together with Chervil and Parsley.  It is one of the main ingredients in the classic Bearnaise, Tarter and Hollandaise sauces.  Commonly added to Mayo for fish dishes, salad dressings, soups, omelette's and scrambled eggs.  It is rubbed on chicken for roasting and mixed with stuffing's.

You can make Tarragon herb butter for vegetables, steaks, grilled fish and chops.

See the recipes I have posted: Tarragon baked chicken, Tarragon stuffed mushrooms and Tarragon vinegar.

Don't be afraid to try it!!


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