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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot New Finds: Starbuck's Ceramic Travel Mug

I have found the greatest item ever! Starbuck's has a ceramic travel mug! No not stainless or plastic but ceramic! I am so thrilled I just can't stand it ;)

I have never liked the taste of coffee in stainless or plastic cups, I have to have it in a ceramic cup or it just does not taste the same.

So I usually put my morning coffee in a regular old coffee cup and off I go. Maneuvering through bumps and traffic trying to hold the cup up so it doesn't spill coffee all over me or my car.

But not anymore. The other day I forgot my coffee and had some errands to run after dropping the kids off to school. I popped into Starbuck's to get just a regular Joe and waiting in line there gleaming on the shelf was their ceramic travel mug with a snap on leak proof lid! Like I said I was so excited.

It keeps the coffee very hot and I did burn my tongue so I have to be careful. It is double walled so the hot liquids stay hot but it's cool to the touch which is an added bonus. So very proud of my new mug!! I have been getting funny looks because of the mug, people aren't sure if Starbucks changed their carry out cups or what ;)

Happy Fall!


  1. Is this still available in Starbucks? Now that I'm trying to find one for my wife, I'm not seeing them in the stores anymore (Cedar Rapids, IA).

  2. I bought two today so Starbucks still carrying them.

  3. One more thing. Unless I got the wrong item, the insert states that it is NOT spilled proof or leak proof. It IS splashed proof. There's not a feature for you to close the mouth/sipping area.

  4. To Anonymous: Did you get the email I sent you with a contact info to a Starbucks that had them on hold?

    And NO they are NOT spill proof :/ I left mine sitting on the arm rest and my Hubby drove away and the cup went into the back seat and did leak out the hole.... so be careful. I still LOVE it though ;)

  5. Is there website where these mugs can be purchased online? I am having trouble finding them at Starbucks cafes.

  6. I could only find them at the stores. :(

  7. The worst mug ever. It is hard to be sure if the lid is on securely. I didn't rinse it for a weekend, oops! Now the lid smells like mold. I have tried everything to get the smell out. I pulled out the gasket and it holds liquid under it. Unless you pry the gasket out everytime you wash it, it will never be clean. My final attempt to get the smell out was to put the lid in boiling water. The lid melted after a minute!

  8. I had one and it shattered as I was washing it and I had another before that my roommate stole! Now they cost $40 on Amazon and they aren't available in stores. :-(



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