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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Time Uniform Shopping With Bluesky

Wandering around the house waiting for Spring time to arrive I know I am big time! So why not go shopping. I don't leave the house if I don't have to. After dropping of the kids at school, laundry, dishes who has the time?

We are in need of some bright Spring colors to cheer and warm our hearts. Blue Sky Scrubs can help in that department. Bouncing around their site they have some really fun Spring colors of every kind of scrubs and lab coats.

Gone are days when you go to Dr. and see the nurse in those stark white uniforms. Almost giving you a strange sterile feeling. Just like in Fashion the work place has evolved and moved forward. Blue Sky Scrubs has been leading the pack in the nursing uniform department.

Scrub hats are now in many trendy colors and are available more and more. One place Blue Sky is the place to buy nursing uniforms check them out. Don't be left out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

20 Worst Drinks In America


From Tend Setter:

The photomentary 20 Worst Drinks In America is a shockingly real way to create initiative among people to change their current diet.

You know you have a problem when the drink you are consuming has as much sugar as eight donuts, and you have several of them a day. When viewing the ‘20 Worst Drinks in America’ you may find yourself thinking, “No wonder we are all getting fat,” to yourself—at least, I did.


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