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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

US now biggest wine export market

ABC News posted: The United States has edged ahead of the United Kingdom as Australia's biggest wine export market by value.

The latest report by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation says export volumes increased to the US and fell to the UK during May.

Corporation executive Paul Henry thinks the US will become an even bigger market in the months ahead.

"It's inevitable to a certain extent that the US will surplant the UK on a consistent basis, purely if one views that that's going to be the largest wine market in the world by 2010 and just by sheer force of numbers and therefore consumers it will ultimately outpace the UK," he said.

In the latest market assessment, China, Hong Kong and Japan recorded the largest growth for Australian wine exports.

Mr Henry says winemakers need to actively promote their products.

"The impact for South Australian growers I think and winemakers and brand owners is going to be less about whether they're changing their product in order to appeal to an Asian consumer and much more about whether they're prepared to get on a plane and support that market," he said.

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