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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tip Of The Day: How To Freshen Up Old Grapes

Did you buy to many grapes the last time you were at the store? Or, didn't the kids eat them up fast enough? If your like me I buy bulk from Costco or Sam's. Buying bulk means "bulk". You tend to get more than you need unless you plan way ahead.

If you have some prune like grapes in the fridge that have either sat on the counter too long or just didn't get eaten quick enough, don't throw them out! There is an answer!


Here is the photo of the before prune like grapes I had.

Take a large mixing bowl and fill with "cold" water. Immerse the grapes into the water and let sit for about an hour.

Drain and put back in the fridge. Your grapes will be good as new!


Happy Cooking ;)


  1. Thanks for the advice! They look great!

    (Gracias por el consejo!!
    Se ven estupendas!!

  2. Ok so I just found the grapes that I thought my hubby had eaten... Nope sitting in the draw. so I am goingt o try this right now!! Thanks for the tip!!



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