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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Cocktail Party On The Patio Buffet & Bar

Summer time is here and it's a great time to host a  Cocktail Party on the patio!

Pick up some great themed invitations and gather your friends for a good time.

Pick and average of four hourdouve's to serve at your party.  Guests always offer to bring something so I let them know what I have so their is no duplicates.

A white cloth from your local fabric store is always a great thing to have on hand.  You can use any color with it.  Here I used the white cloth to cover the table.  It is large enough to touch the ground.  Then I used a simple pink table cover cut in have and placed it over the white cloth on an angle so the point is in the middle.

I then added some candles (the white glass candle holder came from Pottery Barn) flowers and greenery to add that special touch.  The bouquet of flowers I found at Costco came with tons of greenery and lemon leaves.  I used the flowers cut them down and placed into small sterling cups.  Saved the greens for the table.

Take a large tray and place a wooded cutting board in the center.  Arrange large chunks of cheese and fruit like grapes, strawberries and apple around the cheeses.  In the sides of the tray I placed tall thin bread sticks in glasses and rows of crackers filled the rest of the open space in the tray. 

I try to use matching serving pieces it always displays makes the table look perfect.  Also set out some extras for guests bringing food as well as make sure to leave room on the table.

Setting up the Bar area in a location away from the food buffet and tables will help move 
party a bit preventing everyone from clogging up one area.  Here we set the bar up in a cute little area with lanterns in the tree for dramatic lighting after the sun sets.

We used one type of glassware for everyone, whether it be martini's or wine.  Be sure to place about three glasses per guest out. Someone always sets their glass down and forgets where it was. This way there is plenty and you do not have to run wash one!

If you are having a Sangria like here my White Sangria found in my recipe box.  Place some extra fruit in the glasses for garnish, it looks great and your guests have a treat when they reach the bottom.

Plenty of ice for chilling wine and your ice bucket is needed.  You can hide a cooler under the table behind the cloth for easy access if needed.

As always stock plenty of mixers, water and garnish.  I would rather have to too much food and drink than not enough :)

Happy Summer!

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