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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wine Pick Of The Day! Deltetto Laughe Italy

We finally made it out to dinner last night! Yay! We wandered out to Fiddleheads in Royal Oak, MI. http://www.fiddleheadsroyaloak.com/

We had some great wine too! The Chef, Tim Voss gave a recommendation on the red and then brought over the white for us to try, he knew we would like it and we did! Here are the two of the three we decided to share:

Deltetto 2006, Laughe Italy - Nebbiolo Red: Between a Cab and a Merlot, very smooth nice, not over whelming at first, light refreshing taste. Price point $14.00 1/2 bottle carry out, $28.00 dine in.

Deltetto 2006, Laughe Italy - Arneis White: I liked this best. It smells very, very fruity almost to fruity to drink, but I was very surprised that it wasn't and was shockingly dry but fresh! I like! Price point $14.00 1/2 bottle carry out, $28.00 dine in.

My guess you could find these at your local wine store at a very reasonable price.

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