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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tip Of The Day: Brewing Green Tea

Brewing Tea may sound easy, but a lot of people don't know the correct way.

Green tea has been found to have antioxidants helpful in ridding your body of toxins. However, you do need to add exercise for this to work. Exercise helps get the toxins moving out of your system. You can take all the antioxidants you want but unless you move it won't do a thing.

I drink Green Tea (Japanese)

Green Tea
The' vert
Te' Verde

Insert tea bag into cup or tea pot, pour 80 'C (176 'F) hot water, steep 30 seconds, shake the tea bag and remove. Empty remaining Matcha from outer envelope to surface of tea.

Introduzca la bolsa de te' en una taza y vierta aqua caliente a 80'C. Espere 30 segundos, antes de sacar la bolsa de te'. Bacie el Matcha restante sobre la superficie del te'.

Mettre le sachet de the' dans la tasse, verser de l'eau chaude a a' 80'C (176'F). Laisser infuser pendant 30 secondes, secouer le sachet et le retirer. Saupoudrer la surface du the' du Matcha reste' dans I'enveloppe exte'rieure.

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