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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My New Mario Batali Basting Brush

I got a new "toy" for my Birthday this year. The Mario Batali Basting Brush.

It's great!

My old basting brushes have hit the dust. They were just basic with wood handles with bristles that were half half gone. The wood handles were burn't, the bristles were either burn't and melted and the connector was rusted. They have been through the works. The last time I was grilling and I noticed some bristles that were left on my chicken I said "I need something new".

I had mentioned this to my Mother In Law and she handed me a gift bag the next time she came over filled with some goodies inside ;) Out came Mario's nesting set of small bowls to use for just anything and this basting brush.

It's made of silicon and can withstand 500 degree heat with out melting. It feels and looks like it would shrivel with the slightest touch of heat but it wont.

You can baste anything with it or even prepare your pans with oil or butter. When you are done just pop it in the dish washer :)

I give this a big thumbs up!

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