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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My New All Clad Stainless Steal 10" French Skillet

After going through three egg pans in the last couple years I finally shelled out the big bucks for the best.

My Calaphan was a "needed seasoning" pan. No matter what I did it didn't season properly. Unless you poured a cup of oil in it you might get an egg out. That is in the "our cabin" tub in the garage.

The two recent were reasonable in price but ended up peeling. One not so much as the other, but in time in was pitched. On a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I checked out all their pans. Thought about Emril's, but have never used one and he does have a small fry pan at a reasonable price.

Then I spotted the mack daddy of pans! The All Clad line. Most of the lines came in a set, I don't need a set. Then I spotted the 10" French Skillet. Beautiful! And it was sold separately as well. So I stood there and read up on All Clad. I was sold.

Brought it home after handing the clerk my 20% off coupon! Which brought the pan down a bit from $79.99.

We set the pan on the stove top, sprayed oil in it (per instructions) and then turned on the heat to Medium. The heat was immediately dispersed to the entire bottom of the pan. I added to eggs and right away there was a wonderful sizzle sound! The eggs cooked to fast I was amazed! And, they slid out of the pan onto the plate with not a speck left in the pan! I could have wiped it out with a paper towel!

I have cooked thousands of eggs, I was impressed and very excited!!! Grilled sandwiches are perfect every time.

The best part the All Clad pan is it's so easy to clean :)

So yes I shelled out the big bucks for this little skillet, with a life time warranty it will be the last pan we will every need to buy!

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