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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Dinning Table Decorating Ideas And Tips

With the Holidays now just right around the corner it's time to freshen up your Holiday Table Decorations.

Fall screams for Fall Harvest table scape's with tons of sun flowers, gourds and pumpkins. Early Winter gets the Thanksgiving mood moving. Don't get rid of those pumpkins though use them right through Thanksgiving.

Some tips and ideas are keep your staple items neutral and just change out some pieces for the changing Holidays. Purchasing drop leaf tables is also an important tip. It gives flexibility for additional seating, large or small buffet dinners the list goes on.

Place a large center piece on the buffet table with your neutral greens and add seasonal fruit, berry branches and or ornaments.

  • Take oranges, apples, small guards or pumpkins and pierce with a BBQ skewer, slip into the neutral greens.
  • Pull out one color from the centerpiece and add dinner napkins of the same color to the table as an accent.
If your having a sit down dinner, make sure your centerpiece is low. Not to block out the person sitting across from you or your guests. There is nothing more annoying than having to lean over to be able to talk to someone across the table.

  • Provide ample seating room for your guests always expand your drop leaf tables.
  • Alternate lighting, dim overhead lights or side lamps. Add candles for ambiance lighting alternating tall tapers and votive's.
Also, prepare in advance! Enjoy your guests don't spend all your time in the kitchen. Come back for more helpful decorating tips and ideas for the Holidays!


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