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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Made From Costco Or Supermarket Fall Flower Bouquets

This is what you can make from that Fall Bouquet of flowers you just purchased from Costco or the supermarket.

They tend to come all bunched together in a pretty wrapping. But once you get them home open up and put them in a vase for some reason they do not look the same as they did when you choose them.

Here I took two antique pieces that matched. One a juice picture the other a candy jar.

Add water and floral food.

I then separated all the greens from the flowers to use as my base. Cutting them so the stem was long enough that the green lemon leaves just started to peek out of the vase.

So you have your container with all the greens in it for your base.

Then add the next flower, here I did the yellow small bunches, cut apart adding to three sides of the arrangement. Remember make everything even all the way around if you can.

The tall pieces were kept more to the middle of the arrangement for height. Then fill in with the remaining flowers. Here we only had two Sun Flowers, the stems were cut short and put at the base (they are very heavy) so the head of the flower doesn't fall over.

When choosing your bouquets pick one that the flowers have not fully opened yet. They will when you cut the stems and last longer.

Trimming your stems daily and changing the water will help keep your Bouquets lasting at least a week or so.

Tip: keep your table centerpieces low so that all your guests can have a conversation with out leaning around the arrangement. Keep the mammoth arrangements for the buffet table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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