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Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Diner Near the World Trade Center Los Angeles

The Author of this post is Mae Sweet

I don't know about you, but when it's time for lunch, it's time to watch some satellite TV that I got after searchingCable Television vs Satellite, to break up the day. I work in the Los Angeles World Trade Center building on 5th and Flower Street, and one of the best lunchtime luxuries is escaping to the burger joint located on the 6th floor of the adjacent Boneventure Hotel. The casual restaurant is located at the other side of the bridge that connects the two buildings, and they do a fantastic business for lunch for their low prices and big screen televisions.

Usually the channel is set to CNN and I noticed that most of the other patrons like to sit by themselves to catch up on the news. The place is huge and all these single diners scramble for the best seats in the house for TV viewing in peace and privacy for their lunch break. In addition, outside the order window are two ashtrays located at the end of the bridge, so with a smoking facility handy, quiet time in front of the TV and the best meal values on the block, this is the favorite watering hole for the workers in the Trade Center and hotel guests alike. I still don't even know the name of the place, so just get yourself to the 6th floor and head for the bridge to the Boneventure.

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