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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quick and Easy Chopped Artichoke and Salami Antipasti Salad

If you need a Antipasti or hourdouve' for dinner or a party this Chopped Antipasti can be put together in about ten minutes. It's so simple, all you do is chop, toss and serve.

Ingredients (serves four can be easily doubled):
  • One Head Romaine Heart Lettuce - chopped
  • One Jar Marinated Artichoke Hearts in Oil and Spices - lightly chopped - reserve oil
  • 6 oz. good deli Italian Salami - cut into bite size pieces
  • 8 oz. Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese - cut into bite size pieces
  • Fresh Basil about 1/2 Cup - chopped
  • Six Queen Ann size Olives - sliced
  • Fresh Ground Pepper
  • Salt
In a large wooden salad bowl add all chopped ingredients, drizzle with reserved oil and spices, season with Salt and Pepper, toss and serve.



  1. This sounds amazing. I will definitely try this. Thanks.

  2. Oh this sounds so good. I will have to try it as well :)



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