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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"The Gaslight Special" Corned Beef Sandwich

Back at my old restaurant "The Gaslight Deli" we made a corned beef sandwich that resembled a Reuben but with a twist. It's stacked corned beef, real Swiss cheese with fresh coleslaw instead of cooked sauerkraut. Not everyone likes a good "sauerkraut" unless your Polish or love Polish food ;) Coming from a part Polish heritage I have eaten a ton of sauerkraut in my life.

Here is a easy recipe to get a new twist on an old school sandwich:

  • 1/4 lb thin sliced Corned Beef per person
  • Large Kaiser Rolls or Rye Bread
  • Baby Swiss Cheese slices (2 per person)
  • Your favorite Cole Slaw (3.5 oz scoop per person)
  • Thousand Island Salad Dressing (or make your own below)
Prepare the Kaiser Rolls.

Cut Kaiser Rolls open (us a bread serrated bread knife), spread the Thousand Island Dressing on both halves.

Heat the Corned Beef in a oiled skillet, turning once and adding the Swiss Cheese until melted.

Pile the hot Corned Beef and Swiss cheese on the bottom half of the Kaiser Roll and top with a 3.5 oz scoop of the Cole Slaw, add the top half of the Kaiser Roll and lightly press down. Secure with two sandwich tooth picks and cut in half, serve.

You will need several napkins for this one! It's yummy ;)

Home made Thousand Island Dressing: Easy and Quick Thousand Island Dressing


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