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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Propane Grill

This was guest posted by Randy Interrer

I receive several different newsletters full of recipes. Last summer I kept getting recipes that were made on a propane grill. I decided that I had to have one of these for this upcoming summer. I honestly knew nothing about grilling besides what I had watched other people do.

First I logged onto my Hughes Net satellite internet and started to search. I was amazed at the different price ranges grills are available in to purchase. There are ones starting at $50 and on up to thousands of dollars. I knew that I wanted propane since charcoal is messy and I wanted to be able to use it often. I started researching and since we have a family of 4 realized that I did not need a huge one. I did not mind if it was plain black. I didn't need anything fancy like stainless steel.

K-Mart was the site I finally ended up on after all my research. I was able to find a grill that had an upper rack. I thought this was important for cooking more items and also to separate side dishes that need to cook longer. I also wanted it to have one side burner. This would be nice for cooking baked beans or boiling water for various other dishes. I was surprised that since I waited till end of season I was able to buy it for almost half price. I had my friend look too, using his WildBlue internet too see if he could find any better deals, but he couldn’t.

I left it in the box all winter and recently got it out to put together. Now I will say, putting it together was a headache. It took me forever! If you ever buy one, purchase it already assembled. I have cooked on my grill twice now and I am very impressed with it! It cooks well and the food comes out perfect.

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  1. Cheers to your new grill! My husband would die without his Weber propane grill.
    Good advice about getting yoru grill assembled before bringing it home.



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