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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cheese Class: English Hollow Wisconcin Aged Cheddar Cheese

I recently had a ladies clothing party at my home. I put out some fruit, cheese wedges, a artichoke jalapeno cheese dip, a strawberry cheese dip, my favorite crackers and some wine of course.

Being so busy getting ready I forgot to take a photo for all of you! Errrrrrrr!

Anyway, back to the point of the post. I happened to pick up a wedge of cheddar that I wanted to try. Something new. It happened to be English Hollow Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese. Oh my! I love it! I would have to say good bye to my old stand by. All the ladies raved and with it sitting next to a Manchego, a Irish white cheddar infused with red wine, oh and the warm brie with raspberry sauce and pine nuts that as a matter of fact is still sitting in my oven (I just realized this while writing, having warmed it up turning off the oven and yes FORGETTING about it until now!) all my fav's.

This aged cheddar is so smooth yet with a mild sharp bite, not over whelming at all just perfect with the Kirkland Sonoma Chardonnay and the Me'nage a' Trois California red wine I served. Make a note both wines under $10.

My Family loves chips and cheese for snacks. My Husband and my Son just came in for a mid day break from playing football on the XBox and wanted chips and cheese. I grabbed the chips, shredded some of the English Hollow Cheddar on top and popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds and walla! Instant chips and cheese pipping hot!

No processed cheese here. Once you leave that behind you never go back.

Happy Cooking ;)

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  1. I love finding new great cheeses! I picked up one in Costco of all places! They had samples otherwise I wouldn't have bought it but after tasting it I wanted more!



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