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Friday, January 15, 2010

Nesting Mixing Bowls Must Have For Foodies, Cooks And Kitchens

Mixing bowls..... what to get, how to choose, what fits for you? Questions that come to mind? I am here to help you out ;)

We all need bowls, bowls for mixing cake mix, cookies, making pancakes, and salads. We need them to store left overs in, put dips in, kids projects etc. There are endless needs for bowls!

A good start is to find a great set of nesting bowls. Nesting bowls? Bowls that stack inside one another like above. If you don't have nesting bowls good luck on storing them in the cabinet.

Here are a few sets of my favorite nest bowls that I have and love.

This Pyrex set was given to my parents in 1960 for a wedding present! Look at them not a single crack or chip! They are wonderful because the have the spouts on both sides making it easy to pour out batter.

These "vintage" bowls are also oven proof and I use them today. If you see these at a tag sale, snatch them up they are great!

Martha Stewart had this exact same set on her show a couple weeks ago!

These little green gems are by Mario Batali. They are actually little measuring cups. As you can see the line on the inside is the 1/2 way mark. These are great for baking recipes where you have a ton of dry and wet ingredients. They can also be used for dips and sauces.

These bowls I have had a love affair with for many many years. They are my very first set. I got these when I moved into my first apartment. I believe they came from the supermarket believe it or not and they are yes "Pyrex" does that tell you something? They have to be 27 ish years old! Not a chip or crack.

Here we have stainless. Everyone needs some stainless. Easy to clean light weight. Great for marinating, baking every thing except oven proof! I like the little rings on the side. They make it easy to hold onto while stirring. Stainless is also great to use as a double boiler when melting chocolate.

Now here we have my "Grandaddy" of all mixing bowls!

The Le Creuset

They are beautiful if I do say so myself. My Mother bought these for me a few years ago for Christmas. We actually picked them out together. At a discount store no less! They were still a pretty penny but she saved a ton!

The only down fall to these Granddaddy's are that like the Le Creuset cookware they are extremely heavy. So when they are full you get a good arm workout. They are oven proof, dishwasher safe etc... beautiful bowls! Love them ;)

Just remember when purchasing mixing bowls. Get a set that will work for you. You don't need to have a ton, one good set will do. I do recommend a good oven proof set. What was that commercial "from freezer to the oven to the table". Keep that in mind while shopping. You may spend a little more but as you can see from my choices above they are well worth it.

Happy Cooking ;)

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