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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

We all love deep fried turkey! But please take an additional five minutes and follow these safety tips to prevent a disaster from happening (a fire or serious burns):

Please read all instructions with your turkey fryer kit before attempting to cook!

  • Before you begin preparing your turkey, Make sure it is defrosted. Place it in the turkey fryer pot and pour water in it just to barely cover the bird. Mark the outside of your pot with a marker. This mark is your oil level, do not add oil past this line. Remove turkey and prepare for cooking. Completely dry water from pot. Peanut oil is a wise choice for frying.
  • Make sure your fryer is not on the grass or wood surface. Cement is a safe place. Keep children away at all times!
  • Make sure your turkey is completely defrosted, dry and at room temperature. Doing these steps will prevent the oil from having a reaction to the frozen bird hitting the hot oil which will cause the oil to boil over which may cause a fire. Making sure the bird is at room temperature will prevent the oil temperature from falling when the turkey is placed in the hot oil. It will also give you a more accurate cooking time. Which at the proper temp should be 3 to 4 minutes per pound.
  • When the turkey floats that means it's done! Pretty much regardless of the time if it floats the bird is done. Remember that the temperature will rise at least five degrees after removing from heat and continue to cook.
  • Let your turkey rest to redistribute the juices back in to the meat.
Please be careful and Happy Holidays ;)

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