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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tip Of The Day: How To Sprinkle Goat Cheese Without The Mess!

Goat Cheese is a wonderful addition to any dish. However, trying to get this soft cheese where you want it can be difficult at times. Here is a simple quick tip on how to sprinkle Goat Cheese say on top a salad.

  • Prepare your salad as shown here.
  • Take some scissors and cut the end off the tube of Goat Cheese
  • While holding over the salad or dish, take a dinner fork and dig out the Goat Cheese in a shredding motion.
  • The Goat Cheese will fall onto the salad in perfect pieces with out getting your hands or knife messy!
Come back and leave us a comment on how it worked for you!

Enjoy ;)

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