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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out Door Grilling Is Back!

Out Door Grilling is Back!

Guest post written by my buddy Judy Guerrero

Whenever I think of fall I immediately think of outdoor barbecue. I know a lot of people like to do it in the summer or spring. Well, I do too! However, there is something to be said about grilling out when the air is cool, but not cold. I love the feel of a nice fall breeze as it wafts the scent of burgers and ribs all across my yard. Throw in a few changing leaves and some great tunes and it's a party.

That's what fall is to me. It's party season. I mean when I'm not grilling out or playing some backyard football I love to check out the new fall lineup on my satellite TV from www.directstartv.com. Either way I'm golden. I can watch some good shows inside and cook some killer steaks while it happens.

Family, friends and fun, grilling out is where it's at! Just yesterday I threw on some chicken breasts and slapped down some foot long hotdogs. This weekend I think I might just cook a whole hog and make some pulled pork. My cousin Fred said he was up for it and if he's coming he almost always brings the booze. I love to get my grilling in before winter sets in and it looks like it will be one kickass end of the year series of barbecues after another. I hate grilling when its cold, but right now it is just right.

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