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Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Chef Spin-Off

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Top Chef: Just Desserts is a new show that will premiere on Bravo this fall. I like the original series, so I'll give this one a try, too. Gail Simmons, who acts as a judge on the original show, will be the host of this one. I'm interested in seeing more of Gail's personality. I feel that she's been overshadowed by Padma and Tom. I'm glad she's getting her own show. I think she can carry this show on her own without Padma and Tom.

I want to see how this spin-off differs from the original. Tom is actually my favorite judge on the original series, and he really brings the drama. Hopefully, Gail and the producers will come up with fresh, unique challenges. I don't know if I could stomach it if it was exactly the same as the original.

I don't think Bravo has announced a premiere date yet, but I'll be sure to check their website for updates. I've always been a fan of the Bravo channel, especially back in the good old days when they played Top Chef and Project Runway marathons so frequently. I plan to watch Top Chef: Just Dessert on my satellite dish fromwww.tvbydirect.com. A friend of mine goes to culinary school, and we'll probably watch the show together.

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