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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kickoff Football and Tailgating with 1001 Grill Covers.com

Today is the Official Kickoff Day for Football in New Orleans!

Kickoff Day means get your Grill Covers off it's time to tailgate!

Barbecue and Grilling are one of the mainstays for all football games and parties. Barbecue Grill Covers are a necessary accessory to protect your grill from the outdoor elements. So why not find a cover that not only protects your grills but looks great as well.

1001 Grill Covers.com can help you. They have a wonderful selection of Barbecue Grill Covers available to choose from.

1001 Grill Covers.com goal is:

"To provide their customers with the largest selection
of grill covers and the best possible prices!"

I love the Chili Pepper covers for the Kettle Grills and Smokers! How fun is that!!

Their selection of Grill Covers includes Cart Grill Covers, Kettle Covers and Smoker Covers that come in many many designs. You can choose from stripes, solids, chili Peppers and for all you Football fans out there OHIO State and PENN State now in stock.

I also wanted to let you know that this company always offers FREE shipping inside the U.S. and Canada!

Happy Official Football Kickoff Day!

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