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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dinning Table Centerpiece Arrangements, Ideas and Tips

A Friend of mine attended a wedding and snapped a photo of the table at the reception. This attractive centerpiece caught my eye!

What a beautiful arrangement. Who would have ever thought to use Hydrangea's and Succulents such as hen & chicks! This is so beautiful and elegant. I LOVE it!

I grow hen & chicks... my Mother and Grandmother grew them. It's amazing how they survive through the Winter months and just come back to life again in the Spring.

Here is a brief description of the plants:

Sempervivums (hen & chicks) are a hardy succulent alpine plant. The name sempervivum means "live-forever". They are well adapted to survive in some of the poorest soil and drought conditions. Sempervivums form low-growing rosettes of succulent leaves with a variety of colors ranging from pink, red, purple and green.

The next time you plan a Party, Wedding, Backyard BBQ consider using these beautiful plants in your arrangements. Bring some outdoors indoors add some votives around the centerpiece and you are all set.


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