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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping At Wegmans

Posted by Dorian Compton

One of the best perks of going to school in Maryland, was living within driving distance of my favorite grocery store Wegmans. My first encounter with Wegmans was in Rochester, New York where I was attending my first college. Within my first week of living there, I realized that I needed to find a grocery store to replace some of the awful meals I was eating on campus. Wegmans was a short walk from campus, and an even shorter drive. After my first trip, it soon became a weekly trip to go to Wegmans, even if we did not need any food. For some reason, many of us had the same feeling when we entered Wegmans, and that was a feeling of being home.

The smells that greet you as you walk in the door force you to look at all the meals that are being prepared. These range from chicken and beef to seafood and other delectable items. Shopping for seafood was made easy by the fresh fish that were always available on ice, and a knowledgeable staff that could help you with all of your needs. Even better, Wegmans was founded in upstate New York, and the largest Wegmans was a short ride from my school. Open 24 hours, the main location was the same as all the other locations, but had extra space for a cooking school and restaurant in the middle of the store. Before I left to go grocery shopping I always made sure to set my Home security alarm.

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