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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grillin And Chillin Outdoors

Summer is upon us and that means grillin and chillin outdoors. Long gone are the wood decks, a simple round table with a metal and vinyl umbrella centered in the middle of it. We have added an additional room to the house plans these days. The outdoor room.

In this new addition to our houses we have the outdoor dining room along with a living area. Well depending on how much room you actually have in your back yard! The new dining room furniture has improved so much so over the last few years you can practically leave it out year round and enjoy it! Even the cushions are weather proof.

I have been looking for some really fun dishes for outside and came across this one that I fell in love with. My colors are brown and green and this set matches perfectly. The best part is no matter how much you screw up the food it will still look good!
So the traditional round table top is now "out" look here at what I found! This set is fab for a evening gathering out side. Perfect with plenty of room for decorations, lighting and the food.

Furniture for outdoor dining room's come in many new styles now. Contemporary, Modern.. oh and of course there still is the re designed wicker that never goes out of style.

I really think this little bistro set out of wood and wicker is cute! An updated version of the old stand by. Add some candles, outdoor lighting in the trees, a fire pit and your good to go!

Be creative and have fun designing your new outdoor space! By basic clean lines that will go with any color or cushion style to get the most out of what you decide on.

Have a great Summer


  1. I really love this post :)
    I suddenly feel like making projects for outside, something I love!
    I just LOVE the dishes, they look so summerly, and have a bit of mediterranean touch, which I just love.
    Great tastes, Karen.
    Don't know how to thank you for your wonderful words on my last blog post.

  2. I love all the photos. I wish I could put a set like those in my backyard...but even during summertime it rains here.

  3. I just found your blog, I love it! I'm off to go dig thru old post.



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