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Friday, October 23, 2009

Wine History The "Wine Bible"

We have been drinking wine for thousands of years now. It has been apart of many cultures around the world in many different ways.

In Medieval Europe drinking wine with a meal helped make the very bland food taste better. Wine has come along way since then. It is now grown and sold for profit.

The British have this great little site called the Wine Bible and I am bringing it to you. If you need to learn about wine, the many many different wine grape varieties this is a very helpful site.

You can also learn about all the wine producing countries around the world as well.

The history of wine is so interesting. Being as wine has been around for so long it is fascinating to see how it has evolved over the years. You once could only drink it if you were of a certain class in society, now everyone does.

Check out the Wine Bible and save it as one of your cooking favorites for interesting reading and reference.

Happy Fall!


  1. Thanks for that! I've always wanted to host a wine tasting party!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Images and the Blogger updated post editor. I have responded to your comment.

  3. Good wine information! I have the pleasure of being part of a group of friends, and we host a wine tasting each month. I recently posted an entry on my blog, called Water is for Ducks that shares the highlights from the wine tasting. I have a small wine collection and joining friends monthly to taste and discover new wines is a great way to learn.

  4. Thanks for the add! I added you too, I want to learn more about wine! Thanks for the info!



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