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Friday, March 2, 2012

There Is Only One Word "Wine".

There is a lot of History when we think about Wines. Just think about it. Wine has been around for a very long time. Jesus drank wine. Caesar drank it. Pharaoh's, Kings, Knights, Indians, Presidents, You and I were and are all wine lovers.

It's amazing that a small round fruit can produce such a beautiful thing. Red, green, pink the possibilities are endless. With bubbles or without. You can choose light, heavy, oaky, smokey, fruity, sweet or dry. Even some made from Cherry's! I'm starting to sound like Dr. Seuss here a little bit.

Over the years the vintages have changed, some good some bad. The French say they had it right first but then California fought for their title. Bottles come and go, names a dime a dozen. You can even have your very own wine named after you when you get married. It's a whole other ball game when we get to the cork topic. Real cork, plastic or the plain ol' twist off top. Oh yes and don't forget the wine in the box!

The best part is we have certain wine to drink with specific meals. And there is someone available to tell you what goes with what.

Have fun. Try something new.


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