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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sandwich Shop

Authored by Raymond Whitney

My favorite sandwich shop is within walking distance from my house. I go there so often that everyone who works there knows what I like to order. Sometimes I like to change it up just to keep them guessing. The owner of the shop has become a good friend of mine. We often talk business because I am in marketing and we both have an interest in the other’s job. One day we were talking about the need for reliable internet and phone for a small business and I told him that he should look into gettingT1 Bronx because it is supposed to be good for small businesses. He was concerned that it would take a while to get it set up, but I told him that I did not think it would take long and that he could keep most of his current equipment. One day he hopes to expand his shop. Business has been pretty good for him lately, so I hope that he will be able to expand soon. As long as he is within walking distance from my house, I’ll be happy.

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