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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chewy Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies By Britt's Brother's Mothers Cookies!

I have the opportunity to share a wonderful new product that just hit the market going a hundred miles an hour and has no signs of slowing down!

Britt's Brother's Mother's Cookies

My box was hand delivered to my door today! I was so excited. We tasted and tasted. Had to grab a glass of milk! The cookies are large enough to share but did we? No! We all ate our entire cookie!

Britt's Brother's Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookies are "Amazing"....."Great!".... "Lalicious".... "Yummy!" All quotes from my Daughter Chloe', Son Jack and their Friend Ariana while they were testing out these huge chocolate chip cookies filled pieces of heaven.

In or around 1988 Cherri Detkowski (the baker) needed a new oven. She went to the appliance store to find one. The Salesman asked what she was looking for. Her response was "something that will bake cookies" for she was having a hard time baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Salesman said I have the oven for you a Gagganeau (a German brand appliance). She said as long as it bakes cookies and the price was right. He said this is the oven for you.

Cherri baked a batch of cookies in her new Gagganeau oven and she was shocked how amazing the cookies turned out. They were perfect. She was amazed how the right oven made a difference! She continued to bake from then on.

While Cherri's Children Brittney and Rick were in school Cherri would bake these cookies for all the Football and Sports parties after the games. Brittney and Rick's Friends would load up the pockets of their hoodies and sneak them away because they couldn't get enough of them.

With the slow economy and needing extra income Cherri's kids said "Mom you need to sell your cookies!" She finally gave in. Now her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies are on the market and available for purchase. She has hit the ground running.

Rick, Cherri's Son put a post on Face Book that the cookies would be coming in the Fall, the first day they received hundred's of hits! I do have to say I was one of them. They have arrived!

Britt's Brother's Mother's Cookies are huge, chewy, gooey and loaded with tons of chocolate chips. All homemade no preservatives.

She bakes them fresh for each order and sends them out within 12 hours of baking. Packed in a gorgeous gift box for giving. Each bag is sealed with six cookies in each, packed with tissue and a gift card personalized for gift giving.

Britt's Brother's Mom's Cookies are great for gifts for the Holidays or anytime. The product and packaging are all first class and anyone receiving some will be so impressed as well as happy after they try one.

Here is the price list for Cherri's Premium Chocolate Chip Cookies:

1 Dozen (boxed) $22.00

1/2 Dozen (boxed) $11.50

Singles (wrapped) $2.00

Mini-Mother's (wrapped) $1.00

Party Trays Available Also

Call or email to order:

Britt's Brother's Mother's Cookies
(248) 625-6737


Happy Cookie Eating!

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