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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Graveyard Brownie Bite Some Mores!

Need a last minute treat for your kids class or Halloween party? Here is so easy recipe and it just takes a few minutes.


  • Store bought brownie bites
  • Graham Crackers - smashed
  • Marshmallow fluff (or mini marshmallows)
  • Gummy worms or bugs
Place your brownie bites on a baking sheet. Top each brownie with some smashed graham crackers.

Heat the marshmallow fluff in micro for 30 seconds. Using two spoons spoon some fluff on top of each graham cracker topped brownie. Or, top with three to four mini marshmallow's.

Place under broiler until marshmallow is toasted, turning tray if needed.

Cool. Top with gummy worms.


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