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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tip Of The Day: Maintain Your Leather Furniture's Oils With Help From The Steam Team

I like to stick to the Foodie posts in my blog but sometimes we like to make room for our Sponsors. So I try to bring in some helpful tips from those Sponsors not just "an ad" to sell their product.

The Steam Team in Austin is a cleaning service. I have been reviewing their site and came across some helpful information new to me and want to pass along to my readers.

The page I came across was leather furniture cleaning tips from their leather furniture cleaning service austin site. I have a few leather pieces as well as my Fathers old leather chair that is very sentimental to me. I did not know that dyed leather furniture has been treated with special oils to protect and moisturize the leather which it is no longer able to do on it's own. And that it needs to be redone every fews years! The oils need to be removed and then replaced???? Really!

This prevents fading, smells and discoloration and needs to be redone every so often. That is why leather furniture cleaning service austin also offers this service in their business. It is up to the owner of the leather furniture to know this! And for what ever reason the furniture store that you purchase it from really does not tell you! They just want to sell you their line of Scotch Guard or some other product to up their sales.

So go online and read about maintaining your valuable pieces of furniture!


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