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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Counting Calories A New Adventure

Okay we eat healthy. We buy organic meats, produce and dairy. On any given day when you open our fridge it is filled to the brim with food, all mostly healthy.

We have cut down on the amount of red meat we consume and have added more fish especially wild Salmon to our diet. Yes, we do have "ice cream" in the fridge, cookies, candy and eat cupcakes once in a while". Yes, we do go to McDonald's but only if we are traveling and only for a special "treat" for the kids once in a while. Drive through is not a daily part of our diet.

Both my husband and I work out. He works out I would say almost everyday. I being the Mother, running kids back and forth to school, cleaning, cooking, errands, laundry have to squeeze time in. So my workouts are about every other day but I do try to get in cardio at least five times a week fitting in yoga and Pilate's.

This Spring I have been working out more. In my mid 40's it is getting harder to keep it off. I have not lost but have gained! What is up with that. The Dr. said I need an hour on the treadmill not a half hour anymore :( So I try to get in the hour and weight, yoga or the others also... pushing it! I cannot get rid of the few extra pounds I have put on.

So, I have started counting calories. I don't eat breakfast so this morning I had a piece of whole wheat toast (dry) with a sliced egg white on top. About 90 Calories. The egg white has no fat but has tons of protein. Whole wheat has the needed fiber you need. And guess what, I just finished and I feel full! My Son had a pop tart 450 calories each!

I started poking around in the fridge to see what the calories were for the every day items we eat. Being surprised a lot of food we do eat has low calories, except the natural peanut butter! It has 200 calories per teaspoon! I buy the natural not Jif, that has basically Crisco added to it. Jelly only has 50 calories, shocking, I thought it would have more than the "healthy" peanut butter!

In moderation right ;)

I will keep you posted on how I do. The other day I basically starved all day and lost 1/2 pound. I know that is cheating and will not help. So today we are doing it right. I am fueled up and ready to go.

Have a great day ;)


  1. I'm on day 7 of counting - like you I have finally conceded that's the only way I will make those 5 pounds budge. I have to be a in bikini in two weeks for a date (good motivation). I'm trying to stay within 1200-1300 and wondering if even that is low enough to actually lose! I'm a grazer so I eat all day - I have taken to eating an apple every day, it's very filling, great fiber and provides extra water... I always aim for 3-4 fruit servings a day, along with a low fat yogurt and fiber bar daily - already 600 calories - so that doesn't leave a whole lot of extra calories for meals. I am learning to be creative AND low cal at the same time - the key is lots of herbs and balsamic vinegar. Thx for posting Karen, looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. When I need to lose weight in a hurry I eat 100 calories every 60-90 minutes. At the end of the day it is 1000-1200 calories a day but since you are never more than 90 minutes away from your next snack, hunger isnt really an issue. I eat lots of high fibre things like All Bran bars. Lots of raw veggies, almonds, yoghurt etc. Shrimp is very low in calories so it makes an awesome dinner!

  3. Good luck on your weight loss adventure. Don't be too hard on yourself. Food is a very enjoyable experience-

  4. Karen-First of all you look AMAZING!!! I joined a free tracking website called www:fatsecret.com and you can customize your food with calories or carbs etc even tracks weight watcher points too. It has a free I phone app to that syncs with your computer. LOVE IT! Also Hungry girl has some fantastic low cal ideas too. Hugs! Gretchen

  5. I am early 40's and wow do I need to eat better and WOW do I need to exercise. I applaud you in ALL you do!!!! bgginakos@yahoo.com



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