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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wine Pick Of The Day! Black Stallion Napa Valley Chardonnay

Running off to Papa Joes to grab some things for dinner and a bottle of wine I could not find my old stand by, Kendall Jackson Chardonnay!

So standing trying to decide the Sommelier asked if he could help. I explained that my usual was missing on the shelf. By that time I had already had a bottle that was on special in my hand.

Stunned, he said that they would never run out of Kendall Jackson again! He also went on to talk about Kendall Jackson and how it is a poo pooed wine by many and shouldn't be. I told him I like the smooth buttery oaky taste, not too fruity. He agreed and went on to say that Kendall Jackson has been around a very very long time and they can afford to use oak barrels, which other winery's may not have that luxury. He also went on to say that Kendall Jackson puts out some amazing fabulous wines. He isn't sure why the name may turn some off.

So okay, here were are the wine in hand, which he said was an excellent choice, is similar to my favorite so I won't be disappointed!

He was right..... LOVE it! Will purchase again. Smooth with a soft oak flavor, not too fruity.

Black Stallion Estate Winery
Napa Valley
2009 Chardonnay

Black Stallion Estate Winery located on Silverado Trail, Napa Valley is a Boutique Winery, wonderful wines worth trying.

Happy Tasting ;)

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Soak Veggies In Lemon Water To Help Wash Off Pesticides

If you cannot buy organic or do and also purchase non organic fruits and vegetables here is a tip to help remove all the pesticides.

Soak fruits and vegetables in lemon water for 20 minutes before using.

I used to just wash with soap and water so yesterday I read to soak in lemon water to help remove pesticides found on the skin.

Take a gallon container fill with water and add lemon juice, I have that big ol bottle of lemon juice that never gets used up, so I used that. I just poured in about three tablespoons or so.

While I was preparing dinner I tossed in the cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, and my tomatoes (I also still rinsed with soap and water).

This morning I knew our grapes I bought were not organic so I soaked them before putting them in the kids lunches.

Happy Springtime :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wine Pick Of The Day! Domaine Chandon Vintage Brut

The review from Wine Enthusiast was on point. The hazelnut is exactly what I tasted and couldn't pin point it until I looked it up! Happy, happy!

Average cost: $15.99

Reviews of N.V. Domaine Chandon Vintage Brut

90 points, Wine Enthusiast
December 2006
On the sweet side, but so nicely acidified and delicious in fruit that you hardly notice the sugar, which just gives the wine a round softness. Beautiful hazelnut, peaches-and-cream and vanilla flavors, with a touch of raspberry zest. — S.H.

N.V.  Domaine Chandon Vintage Brut

Recovering from Cheating on Your Low Carb Diet

Being on a diet is hard enough. Keeping your self esteem up during dieting is even harder. Falling off the diet pulls one down into a even deeper hole which is sometimes hard to climb out of.

Here is an interesting article for you to read.

Recovering from Cheating on Your Low Carb Diet

I have been trying to get ready for bikini season.... well not so many bikini's for me anymore at my age :/ Anyway, I have been on a low carb diet. Lot's of protein the first week, then slowly introducing carbs, the healthy ones the second week. I have found out that by cutting carbs made me hungry within about four hours. So the article mentions carrying some low carbs snacks with you which makes sense. I get so hungry I couldn't stand it. It was like I haven't eaten in days. My stomach would growl and I would race to the kitchen as soon as I walked in the door.

After I figured this out I now eat more often. No more skipping a breakfast and eat at noon like I used to be able to do when I was younger.

I have also noticed that I eat less at dinner. I get fuller faster and can push my plate aside and not sit there and continue to shovel it in.

Don't be so hard on your self. Don't weigh yourself every day. Some Dr. said once a month. Your weight fluctuates up and down with water weight and can tend to chew away at your self esteem.

Happy Spring ;)


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